• Design byC. Paysant-Le Roux
  • Wing span1940 mm
  • Fuselage length1993 mm
  • Wing area59.1dm²
  • Horizon Stabilizer area18.3dm²
  • Spinner diameter82 mm
  • C.G212mm backward from the LE of wing root
  • Aileron servoFutabe BLS174sv x2 or JR
  • Elevator servoFutaba BLS173sv x2 or JR
  • Rudder servoFutaba BLS171sv x1 or JR
  • Empty weightGP 2450g EP 2300g
  • Power systemBrushless Motor of F3A class or
    YS engine
  • RC system
  • Announced date2015-07-01