• Design byLMP-Aircraft
    HuiYang Professional F3A
  • Wing span1750mm
  • Fuselage length1996mm
  • Wing area91.5 dm²
  • Horizon Stabilizer area15.5dm
  • Spinner diameter82-85mm
  • C.G130mm backward from the dowel of bottom wing
  • Aileron servoFutaba BLS173sv x4 or JR
  • Elevator servoFutaba BLS173sv x2 or JR
  • Rudder servoFutaba BLS171sv x1 or JR
  • Empty weight2350g (without accessories and
    landing gear set)
  • Power systemCRS or Standard motors of
    F3A class
  • RC system8ch
  • Announced date2019-04-01